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zenés óra

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„Once upon a time…”


„Once upon a time…” was the title of that intensive lecture where parents and educators could share their experiences connected to tales and also tale reading. They could learn about the function of  tales, the importance of tales in children’s personality development and the beneficial effect of regular listening to tales.


Who does this child look like?

kire ütött ez a gyerek

“While I was a little and clever and nice and beautiful child they always knew  who I looked like… Since I have been older and barmy and foppish and berk, they are only sitting and sighing that who this child looked like.”


4th Literature lesson with music


On 24 May we held a literature lesson with music in which 16 mentally moderately injured and autist children took part. The theme of the lesson was Seasons – Spring. The aim of the activity was summarization and systematization of  knowledge about spring as season and deepening  the knowledge with the help of music.


3rd Literature lesson with music


On the literature lesson with music held on 24 April 2014 the target group was the students with learning disabilities in the senior section. The theme of the lesson was Seasons – processing of Grasshopper and the Ant tale. The aim of the lesson was to systematize the knowledge connected to seasons and to get …Continue reading


Comprehension and library use competition 3rd round

vetélkedő logója

The questions of the third round also arrived and they were given to the teams. The processed theme is connected to Day of Europe. The solved worksheets have to be sent to   Szandaszőlősi Primary School and Elementery Art School until 5 May 2014. We wish everyone good job!


Bogyó and Babóca


Four seasons, four tales.


Informatikai ismeretek szülőknek

info szülőknek

Sorry, this entry is only available in Magyar.


2nd Literature lesson with music


We held the activity for 15 pupils in the junior section on 20 March 2014. Children took part in  the playful, musical, graphical activity with pleasure which suited to children’s abilities and we could motivate them easily. On the lesson we talked about the past and the present of the two rivers flowing through Szolnok. …Continue reading


1st Literature lesson with music


We held a literature lesson with music on 19 March 2014 for pupils with learning disabilities in the junior section. The theme of the lesson was seasons. Variety of tools was used, first of all the interactive board, musical instruments and true false table. One of the biggest success was collecting old coins.

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