Announcement of results of ’Treasure hunting in the library’ competition


We held our ’Treasure hunting in the library’ competition in February. Students could prove how well they knew the library rules and how familiar they were with our library. They had possibility to use not only the library books but also the Internet. We organized the competition on two occassions and children took part in …Continue reading


Carnival competition


This week we are celebrating carnival at our school. Our library is taking part in it, as well. On Tuesday, 25th February students can compete with each other in topic of carnival time. Children can use not only library books but also the computer in order to fill in the worksheets.     Pictures about carnival competition




The wicked hunter killed Vuk’s family. The unruly fox cub is taken care of by the old Karak, Vuk’s uncle. He taught Vuk to hunt, got him acquainted with the mysteries of the forest and warns against the dangers.


Comprehension and library use competition 1st round

vetélkedő logója

We informed you on 27th January that Szandaszőlősi Primary School announced a competition for comprehension and library use for our students. Children from our senior sectionapplied for the competition with pleasure. Every class work in a group of 2-3 members. The topic of the first round is connected to Valentine’s Day and students will have …Continue reading


A witch, a fairy

egy boszorkány

A witch family and a fairy family,  a talking cat with British accent, a vain hamster with defect of speech, a herb shop full of with secrets and a very special dance school….This is the place where Milla and Sugar pick a fight…


Merry Christmas!


We wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!


Kitten in the forest

cica az erdőben

Ella likes her kitten, Pamacs very much and she is scared when Pamacs doesn’t arrive home on a winter day.


Announcement of results of audiobook illustration and exhibition


Teachers of our school have made an audiobook chosen from the tales of Jász-Nagykun Szolnok County. They announced a competition for tale illustrations and students of the three schools from years 1 to 6 took part in it. Until 25th November at schools the local juries chose the best drawings and sent them for us. …Continue reading


On the wings of tales drawing competition


Teachers of our school have made an audiobook chosen from the tales of Jász-Nagykun Szolnok County. They announced a competition for tale illustrations for students of Szent-Györgyi Albert Primary School and Szegő Gábor Primary School from years 1 to 6. We sent this tale CD out, and students could listen to it in library activities …Continue reading


History of writing and reading activities


We worked out the history of writing and reading on two occassions. On the first we approached the topics by a theoretical aspect, used up the students’ existing knowledge and we completed it with new purport and information. On the second occassion students had to do practice-oriented activities. The tasks were based on their acquired …Continue reading

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