Rules and regulations of the school library

  1. The library can be used by all pupils.
  2. Loan is free.
  3. Every pupil can borrow only one book at the same time (except for textbooks)

Loan period is 3 weeks. Renewal is possible for the next 3 weeks. The second renewal is allowed only in that case if the book is needed by nobody.

Every member has to preserve the quality of our volumes. No food or drink, no bluster or disorderly conduct which disturbs the others’ work is allowed in the library. Members have to pay compensation for lost, stolen or damaged documents caused intentionally or negligently. Changing shoes is obligatory for every library user.

Students must return any books they borrowed to the library by the end of the school year, except for the books used longer than one year.

No loan books (reference books) can be used only with the librarian’s permission during the opening hours.

Every member’s duty is holding the order and the cleanness of our library.

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